Design and Installation

We live in a climate where we are usually lucky enough to enjoy an abundance of seasonal precipitation. However there is no doubt that we also depend on supplemental water to keep our landscapes green and healthy. We design and install watering systems to efficiently meet the unique watering requirements of your yard.
All of the components we install are selected because they have a proven history of delivering superior performance with minimal maintenance. We offer user friendly and state of the art valves, heads, backflow devices, controllers, and rain-sensors from a variety of manufacturers including; Rainbird, Weathermatic, Hunter, Walla Walla, Wilkins, and Toro.
We are respectful of your landscape and your efforts to make it look beautiful. Whether we are installing a system in an existing landscape, or one yet to be established we understand that a landscape watering system is an integral part of a long-term plan to enhance the natural beauty and value of your home. The extra efforts we make now will pay-off year after year.
A system with long-term integrity leads to a beautiful landscape. A system without it leads to years of frustrating problems and repairs.

Service and Repair

We also offer expert troubleshooting and repair services. Broken heads, broken pipes, leaky valves, malfunctioning or outdated controllers are no problem for our experienced service technicians. We diagnose the problem quickly and fix it right the first time. We can also retro-fit and modify existing system to improve coverage and efficiency with new and innovative products which may have come out since your system was installed. Ask us about a water saving rain sensor.

Annual Maintenance and Backflow Testing

Take advantage of our scheduled Annual Maintenance and Backflow Testing Program and save on the cost of routine services. We winterize your system in November, and reactivate including sprinkler tune-up and backflow test in the spring. The average cost is around $125 per year. Cost varies with the size of your system.

Watering Guidelines

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