Dear Scott,

Thank you, and everyone at Abel Irrigation, for all the hard work put into the assessment and installation of the sprinkler system here at The Dougy Center. What was once uneven ground sprinkled with weeds and patchy grass is now lush, even lawn! The Dougy Center is a bi-weekly “home” to many children and families, and as such, it’s important to us to make our grounds into a beautiful and peaceful place. Certainly this transformation of the front yard has accomplished this goal.

A special word of thanks goes out to the crew who performed the backbreaking task of laying the pipes, tilling the soil, evening out the ground and placing the sod. They were here early every morning and stayed late every night to get the job done in time for the dedication of our National Training and Resource Center. Their diligence and perseverance helped make our dedication party a great success.

On behalf of everyone here at The Dougy Center thank you again for doing such a wonderful job for us.


Donna L. Schuurman, Ed.D.
Executive Director

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