Northwest Landscape Inc. d.b.a. Abel Irrigation & Lighting is a state licensed, bonded and insured “All Phases” Landscape Contracting Firm operating in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of professional landscape sprinkler systems and low voltage outdoor lighting systems. We are certified by the Irrigation Association, as well as the Low Voltage Lighting Institute of the Americas. We believe that specialization is the key to Quality, Value and Integrity.

  Specialization is the key to quality. Specialization is required for sprinklers and lighting because they are two of the most technical aspects of the landscape contracting trade. By specializing in what we do best we are able to narrow our focus to become experts at what we do. Each of our key people have had advanced education in lighting and irrigation. Our commitment to the pursuit of knowledge guarantees the quality our systems.
Specialization is the key to Value. Because we specialize we are able to buy in larger volume and get better pricing from our distributors. We also maintain our own inventory and have specialized vehicles to improve our materials handling efficiency. In addition, our many years of experience have revealed many design and installation efficiencies. By striving to keep our costs down and our efficiency up, we are able to provide a truly specialized service at a very competitive price.
Specialization is the key to Integrity. We have been specializing in what we do best since 1987. All of the choices we make are intended to contribute to the long term integrity of the systems we design and install. All of the components we install are carefully selected because they have a proven history of delivering superior performance with minimal maintenance. Our commitment to long term integrity generates long term relationships. These relationships are the foundation of our business.
*Professional Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Design, Installation and Maintenance
*Professional Landscape Watering Systems Design, Installation and Maintenance
*Annual Maintenance Plans for Outdoor Lighting Systems
*Fall Shut-down and winterization of sprinkler systems
*Spring Reactivation and Tune-Up of sprinkler systems
*Backflow Testing
*Water Auditing
*Drainage Systems


Abel Irrigation & Lighting • PO BOX 80067, Portland, OR 97280 • (503) 244-2146
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